The In Crowd

Okay, so this morning Little One changed her mind and decided to do The In Crowd!

I'm so happy on so many levels.

1. Mitchell Musso is YA's personal nemesis and it brings me huge tears of joy to know she's going to have to bite her tongue for the next month as Little One perfects her performance.

2. I LOVE THE SONG! Such a great message. Be yourself and have a blast. Well, that's my motto, anyway. Wiping a tear that I think they actually somehow got that message.

3. It's hilarious that Little One is singing about not feeling like she's part of the In Crowd. Seeing as how she IS the In Crowd. So stinkin' funny...

In short, this next month is going to ROCK!


"I don't need anything that I can't find in me."

Love always,

auntie d

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Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! no no :( I knew you were part of the dark side but this is TOO much! But darn it I know she's going to rock so I can't complain too much... Out loud...