The In Crowd

Okay, so this morning Little One changed her mind and decided to do The In Crowd!

I'm so happy on so many levels.

1. Mitchell Musso is YA's personal nemesis and it brings me huge tears of joy to know she's going to have to bite her tongue for the next month as Little One perfects her performance.

2. I LOVE THE SONG! Such a great message. Be yourself and have a blast. Well, that's my motto, anyway. Wiping a tear that I think they actually somehow got that message.

3. It's hilarious that Little One is singing about not feeling like she's part of the In Crowd. Seeing as how she IS the In Crowd. So stinkin' funny...

In short, this next month is going to ROCK!


"I don't need anything that I can't find in me."

Love always,

auntie d

We Could Fly...

Just saw The Adjustment Bureau.

Though I'm a huge fan of, "do all without doing", I love the message of, "Fight for your fate."

Fate or free will?

It feels like a little fate and a lot of free will.

Because no matter what's thrown your way, you choose how to take it. You have the choice to remain positive about it.

You choose how you're going to think about it and what you're going to do about it.

It's all up to you.

I'm reminded of these lyircs:

"We all have wings, but some of us don't know why." - INXS


YA and Purple One,

Guess what?!

Danger Mouse is throwing her hat into the talent contest too!

At first she wanted to do Think of Me because she just knew she could nail those high notes, but in the end she decided on...

(drum roll)


Can't you just see her? She is just too cute for words...

And, really, between the two of them and their song choices, the house is an extremely inspirational place right now.

Every time I turn around it's, "Keep the faith..." and "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow..."

So precious...

I am LOVING watching these two wheels go round and round.


auntie d

Tiffany Trophy

(After having decided the rules of our Spring Exercise Challenge, YA and I were online, on the phone, shopping for our exercise challenge trophy...)

YA: (On Tiffany's website, necklaces, page 21, talking about the Elsa Peretti "a" with diamonds on the tail.) Eww...I hate it when they do that. When they just stick diamonds wherever they can on it. It looks like they're just stuffing diamonds on it just because they can. It's so much cuter just silver.

Me: Yeah, I know...Okay, I'm on page 22.

In unison: OOoohhhhh!

Me: The dove?

YA: Yes!

Me: I love it!

YA: Yeah, but let's keep looking. Oh, look! A Star of David!

Me: I know! I've been meaning to get one. And we would be getting it right in time for Passover! Which reminds me, what's our deadline?

YA: April 1st. Oh! Look at the pink and white heart! So cute!

Me: Yeah...but it's too flashy. Oh! I like the Mom heart! I think I just found my mother's day present!

Little One and Danger Mouse jumped in at this point: Yeah, we love that one!

YA: Cute.

Me: Oh! How about the anchor!

YA: I wish there were some Tiffany Blue on it.

Me: I like it plain.

YA: I like the heart at the bottom! It's like how Mama Cass sings, "Dream a little dream of me..."

Me: I love it! That's the one! Wait! Go find it the song on youtube and we will over here too.

(All of us paused to sing and dance to Dream a Little Dream of Me...)

Me: Okay, I'm loving that one, but let's finish looking.

YA: (Passing over a bunch of pages) Nothing.

Me: I'm not loving that one with the 'F' and the 'G'.

YA: It says: F-O-G. Oh, those are his initials!

Me: No, thanks. If I wanted his initials, I'd marry him.

YA: (Laughing)

Me: Okay, so it's down to the dove, Star of David, and Dream a little dream.

YA: Yes. Those three are definitely the best.

Me: But which one?

YA: I can't decide! I know! Let's ask the girls!

Me: (Yelling into the other room) YA wants to know your favorite!

Danger Mouse: The dove!

Little One: Dream a little dream!

Me: Hmm...I can't decide!

YA: You should post it on facebook.

Me: But I'm never on facebook! We'll figure it out later. Right now, I'm all about Dream a Little Dream. Okay, so we're doing how many steps a day. Whoever has the most steps by April 1st wins.

YA: MmmHmm.

Me: Done! I'm getting my pedometer tonight. I'm gonna kick your a$$.

YA: Ha! You're funny.

Me: Yeah, I'll be laughing all the way to Tiffany's on your dime! Better do some chores.

YA: Not cool!

So there you have it. Our first official Spring Exercise Challenge is on!
And I've roped Purple One and her mom into it too.

We're all putting money in. Winner gets a Tiffany necklace.

On my way to Wal-Mart to get us all matching pedometers now!

Love always,

auntie dana
PS YA, I decided! Click on the pic to see which one you're really going to be buying me! Love you! Ciao ciao!

Instant Karma

Dear YA and Purple One,

Spring has sprung. I know this because there are all these tiny wild bunnies running rampant through my neighborhood.

And they are incredibly cute!

Until you see one flattened on the road.

I know this because as I was out and about one night last week and I saw one crossing the road I slowed down to let the little guy pass.

He was safe, already an inch away from the island in the center of the street and completely clear of my car so I sped up to be on my merry way when, at the last second, the little guy turned around and bolted straight for my tire!

Bawling my eyes out, I turned around and then parked in the middle of the road to keep him "safe" while I figured out what to do with the poor little bugger.

He passed before I could get him euthanized I asked your uncle to put him in a nearby field to be reabsorbed by nature.

The next morning, knowing how bad I felt about it, Grandma tried to cheer me teasing me mercilessly:

"You made your first kill, Dana! You need a name now, like Bunny Killer. Yeah, you can tattoo 'BK' on your knuckles!"

"Um, thanks, Mom?"

"Papa likes Rabbit Slayer better."

Then, later in the day, as I was driving us to lunch and merging into freeway traffic, she was uncomfortable with me merging into another lane with so much traffic and told me, "You can take the next exit and turn around if you want to."

Ignoring her subtle hinting, I confidently aimed the nose of my car into a tiny space between two other cars and told her, "Don't worry, Mom. I'm an aggressive driver."

"I know! Just ask the bunny!" She dissolved into hysterics.

The truth is she did make me laugh. A little.

But I really laughed when I got a call late last night from Grandma. She had just left my house, so I was surprised to hear from her so soon.


"Dana, you're not going to believe this."


"I hit a bunny."


"Yes. And now I know exactly how you feel. The dumbshit aimed right for me! I couldn't believe it! Stupid rabbit. He deserved to die."

"Did you go back for it?"

"No. Trust me. He's dead."

How Grandma and I can be so alike, yet so different is mind-boggling. But, deep-down, I knew she actually did feel a teeny bit bad, so I said, "Hey, Mom?"



Grandma's new nickname is, "Bunny Hunter".

Now, if you love your auntie as much as you say you do, you will call your grandmother this evening and tease her mercilessly for your dear, sweet auntie.

Love always,

auntie dana

We Are Who We Are

Cleaning the house and making lunch to We R Who We R.

Can't you just see me stirring the taco seasonings into the ground turkey while I dance?

Oh, yeah. You read that right. I'm eating turkey.

Yes, YA, you officially win the vegan challenge!

I'm a Gundry girl. (Well, kind of.) That's right. I'm bilingual now. You can have the crown, dahling.

And yes, I do feel bad for the turkeys!

But I'm feeling amazing about my super-yum guac! Eat your heart out, bay-bee!

Love always,

auntie dana

Baby, remember my name...

YA and Purple One,

Little One is entering the talent contest at school!

Her and her bff were trying to figure out songs for their auditions yesterday and I was showing them some old favorites.

I tried to get them to do What Is This Feeling?. Can't you just see those two?! SO perfect. And, of course, Popular. Defy Gravity was too long.

Anyway, you're not going to believe this, but they dissed Fame!

"But,'s Irene Cara!"

Blank stares, Shrugging shoulders. Leaving to attack the special edition Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint ice cream in the freezer...

Apparently, they did not remember her name.

(Which reminds me! Here's that link to that thing I was telling you about. So sweet! Someone remembers my name.)

In the end, Little One decided on The Climb, which I actually enjoy.


auntie dana

PS Yes, I made them save you some ice cream!

Dog Days Are Done

Younger YA heard me talking to YA and walked into the living room and says, "Oh! Your back! The dogs went outside so I have no one to talk to now."

"You were talking to the dogs?" I asked.


I look at YA, "Did she really just say that?"


LOL! SO great! I LOVE Younger YA. She makes me laugh...

PS Forever more, Younger YA shall be known as The Purple One. I'll save that story for tomorrow.