We Are Who We Are

Cleaning the house and making lunch to We R Who We R.

Can't you just see me stirring the taco seasonings into the ground turkey while I dance?

Oh, yeah. You read that right. I'm eating turkey.

Yes, YA, you officially win the vegan challenge!

I'm a Gundry girl. (Well, kind of.) That's right. I'm bilingual now. You can have the crown, dahling.

And yes, I do feel bad for the turkeys!

But I'm feeling amazing about my super-yum guac! Eat your heart out, bay-bee!

Love always,

auntie dana


Anonymous said...

I failed too! It's ok someday I'll be full vegan!

Dana Diamond said...

Aw...being vegan's cool, but it's more about being fit and healthy anyway.

I know! How about an exercise challenge?

Winner gets the super-cute purple halter bikini at Tar-zhay!

You in?

Call me for details!