Baby, remember my name...

YA and Purple One,

Little One is entering the talent contest at school!

Her and her bff were trying to figure out songs for their auditions yesterday and I was showing them some old favorites.

I tried to get them to do What Is This Feeling?. Can't you just see those two?! SO perfect. And, of course, Popular. Defy Gravity was too long.

Anyway, you're not going to believe this, but they dissed Fame!

"But,'s Irene Cara!"

Blank stares, Shrugging shoulders. Leaving to attack the special edition Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint ice cream in the freezer...

Apparently, they did not remember her name.

(Which reminds me! Here's that link to that thing I was telling you about. So sweet! Someone remembers my name.)

In the end, Little One decided on The Climb, which I actually enjoy.


auntie dana

PS Yes, I made them save you some ice cream!


Anonymous said...

They should do Ke$ha!! but change some lyrics... "I got Moses on my nacklace-ace-ace"

Dana Diamond said...

I am SO getting you that necklace for your birthday...

And then I'm gonna steal it!

:) d

Anonymous said...

Good idea! :) But can we do a tiffany necklace and just say it's in honor of moses?? LOL

Dana Diamond said...

Done and done!

Here's mine: