Tiffany Trophy

(After having decided the rules of our Spring Exercise Challenge, YA and I were online, on the phone, shopping for our exercise challenge trophy...)

YA: (On Tiffany's website, necklaces, page 21, talking about the Elsa Peretti "a" with diamonds on the tail.) Eww...I hate it when they do that. When they just stick diamonds wherever they can on it. It looks like they're just stuffing diamonds on it just because they can. It's so much cuter just silver.

Me: Yeah, I know...Okay, I'm on page 22.

In unison: OOoohhhhh!

Me: The dove?

YA: Yes!

Me: I love it!

YA: Yeah, but let's keep looking. Oh, look! A Star of David!

Me: I know! I've been meaning to get one. And we would be getting it right in time for Passover! Which reminds me, what's our deadline?

YA: April 1st. Oh! Look at the pink and white heart! So cute!

Me: Yeah...but it's too flashy. Oh! I like the Mom heart! I think I just found my mother's day present!

Little One and Danger Mouse jumped in at this point: Yeah, we love that one!

YA: Cute.

Me: Oh! How about the anchor!

YA: I wish there were some Tiffany Blue on it.

Me: I like it plain.

YA: I like the heart at the bottom! It's like how Mama Cass sings, "Dream a little dream of me..."

Me: I love it! That's the one! Wait! Go find it the song on youtube and we will over here too.

(All of us paused to sing and dance to Dream a Little Dream of Me...)

Me: Okay, I'm loving that one, but let's finish looking.

YA: (Passing over a bunch of pages) Nothing.

Me: I'm not loving that one with the 'F' and the 'G'.

YA: It says: F-O-G. Oh, those are his initials!

Me: No, thanks. If I wanted his initials, I'd marry him.

YA: (Laughing)

Me: Okay, so it's down to the dove, Star of David, and Dream a little dream.

YA: Yes. Those three are definitely the best.

Me: But which one?

YA: I can't decide! I know! Let's ask the girls!

Me: (Yelling into the other room) YA wants to know your favorite!

Danger Mouse: The dove!

Little One: Dream a little dream!

Me: Hmm...I can't decide!

YA: You should post it on facebook.

Me: But I'm never on facebook! We'll figure it out later. Right now, I'm all about Dream a Little Dream. Okay, so we're doing how many steps a day. Whoever has the most steps by April 1st wins.

YA: MmmHmm.

Me: Done! I'm getting my pedometer tonight. I'm gonna kick your a$$.

YA: Ha! You're funny.

Me: Yeah, I'll be laughing all the way to Tiffany's on your dime! Better do some chores.

YA: Not cool!

So there you have it. Our first official Spring Exercise Challenge is on!
And I've roped Purple One and her mom into it too.

We're all putting money in. Winner gets a Tiffany necklace.

On my way to Wal-Mart to get us all matching pedometers now!

Love always,

auntie dana
PS YA, I decided! Click on the pic to see which one you're really going to be buying me! Love you! Ciao ciao!

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Anonymous said...

So how many steps have you all taken..I think that you all should
post your numbers on a bi-weekly basis.

April 1st just around corner....

Auntie Dana asked Grandma if I wanted a pedometer also...ah yeah me and my cane Rosie are not taking a whole lotta steps..but if someone gets in our way...Rosie is very fast with a whack to the shins..I love Rosie...